Rush To Save Vule.

The party had cleared the crypt of ghouls, they would no longer raid the townspeople of Fennsgrove. But during the adventure Vule was struck by the ghasts poisonous bite. He was now paralyzed and may soon die, they had to rush to town before that happened.

Vule was slung across Rashka’s back and he bounced with every large long stride. His tattooed wrist hung loosely and smacked agains the orks back. Leya was right behind, she was quick, her long blonde hair trailed behind her as she ran, but Rashka was very much faster, longer legs and more powerful muscles. Ruth and John, her pink familiar cat trailed behind, though Ruth used magic to keep up.

The green trees whipped at their faces, they were still a hour away from Fennsgrove. Sweat dripped from young Vules brow and Rashka could only just feel a heartbeat against his shoulder. Leya called out, excitedly and very relieved, “There Fennsgrove! I see it!.” Rashka yelled back but he pushed on faster, “Good!”

Thirty or so minutes later they tore through the quiet village of Fennsgrove. Its roads were only mud and slick because of recent rain. Rashka slipped and his knee smashed into the ground, there must have been a hidden rock or log and a sickening crack was heard. Rashka screamed in pain but he still got up and moved on. His scream woke up Fennsgrove’s people.

They got to witchwomans door, blood and mud soaked Rashka’s leg. Ruth was not doing much better, she was covered in mud up to her waist. Leya, being a elf helped her immensely, only the souls of her boots had mud on them.

“Where are you?! Witch woman! Where are you?!” Rashka hollard.
A old lady, stooped over and grey haired seemed to step out of the shadows. “No need to yell like that, Im not deaf yet. What seems to be the problem?” Leya spoke before Rashka could open his tusked mouth, “Our friend Vule has been poisoned by a ghast. He need help now.”

“Now that does seem bad, leave, I need space while I work. I shall send for you if I fix him.”
Rashka stepped forward intent on yelling at the elderly lady, Leya pushed him back and motioned to the door. The trio left.

As they stepped outside the townsfolk stared at them. Rashka snarled at the crowd and the bulk of them moved along. Ruth giggled at that.


Wtf is this shit about did I miss something involving these people or is it random?

Rush To Save Vule.

I know, I read this and I’m like “Aww shit, these fools are playin’ without me!”
I hope it is just random.

Rush To Save Vule.

its not yous missed some awesome fight and exp

Rush To Save Vule.

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