The Crypts End.

After Ruth had been introduced to everyone they moved on. The very mixed matched party had some more encounters with the horrid ghoul family that inhabited this dark evil place. Leya stopped the party, she saw a trip wire, she kneeled down to inspect it.
“Trip wire. Alarm system.” Her voice was quick and formal, Leya knew a lot about traps. She produced a wire cutter from a pocket in her leather armor and snipped it. “Its okay to move on”, no one questioned her with this sort of thing. Not even Rashka.

The two or so days that they have been down here meant that thet didnt need and torches, their eyes had adjusted to the gloom. They then came across a door, everywhere came to a deadend, this is where the ghast must reside.
Rashka hated ghouls so he knew a lot about their leaders. Ghasts are very old ghouls, they are freaks of nature imbued with great intelligence and strength, they have a poisoning bite that leaves its victims paralyzed and helpless.

The doors lock was rusted and worn away, Leya, silent as a cat gestured that everyone should be quiet, Rashka nodded, Vule was silent and Ruth shook with excitement. The door itself was rotted and would be easily torn apart.

They got into their usual combat position when they wanted to surprise something. Rashka was infront, axe at the ready, prepared to kick in the door. Followed by Vule who is ready to spin around the bulk that is Rashka, Leya was crouched along the wall, ready to fire around the corner. Ruth was behind them all, she had flame dancing along her fingers.

Rashka whispered, “Three, two, one.” He kicked down the door and its splinters flew out and into the room. It was all seemed slow.
Something was hiding up on the roof. Its clawed hand came down and under Rashkas chin. It pulled him up and slammed him into the roof and threw him into the ground as if he was a childs doll. The shadowy thing then dropped done. It was about six feet and seven inches high, its head was beaten and pinkish. A very large mouth seemed to split its head in two.

Vule leaped at it, he barely came up to its shoulder. His leg smashed into its ribs and he felt bones shatter underneath his foot. It squeeld in pain. Vule twisted mid-air and brought his other foot into its face. The ghast fell back and a bolt of fire smashed into its left eye, blinding it and Ruth laughter came from the darkness of the hallway outside this room. Leya spun out of cover and fired her quarrel, then it all went wrong.

Faster than the human eyes could ever comprehend the ghast grabbed Vules chest, lifted him up and the quarrel buried itself itself into his lower back. Vule screamed out in pain but there was more to come.

The ghast then launched its head foreward and into his shoulder and bit deep. Vules body became stiff. Ruth had come into the room and with a word and a gesture the ghasts footing became uneven and it fell over onto its back. Leya ran into the room and grabbed Vule, she dragged him back but the monster got back up. Its claws lashed out at her and caught her chest, her leather armor had no chance against the monsters obsidian sharp claws. But even though she was in pain she continued on.

Rashka gor back up and picked up his axe. The best was up now and ran at him. Rashka made a horizontal strike at it. But the ghast expected it and ducked under the blow. Its left hand came up in a stabbing motion into the orcs gut, black blood spilled from the wound. Its second claw came up but Leya saw a oppurtunity and took it. Her quick elven finger drew a dagger and threw the blade right into its open palm which took the power from the blow.

Ruth came up behind the thing and threw John at its back. John clawed wildly. Apparently John hates ghouls, much like Rashka. The beast was distracted by the wild attack by the cat, it tried to reach around so that it could crush the life from the thing. Rashka smiled “Stupid ghoul!” his axe flashed, its grey metal whistled as it came around lopping off its head. Hot steaming blood came up like a fountain drenching Rashka and Ruth.

Ruth smiled as the beast fell, twitching and in a dreamy voice said, “My hero Rashka…”



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