Robin Fable

A young rogue making his way in the world in a way that is generally frowned upon in polite society.


Height: 5’7" Weight: 110LBS Race: Half – Elf AGE: 83. Gender: Male Alignment: Chaotic – Good.

Strength: 11
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 19
Charisma: 19

HP: 90
AC: 20
Initiative: 9
Base Attack: 7/2

Fortitude: 9
Reflex: 12
Will: 8

Whisper: Long Sword.

Wisdom: 15.
Charisma: 15.
Intelligence: 10.

Alignment: Lawful – Good.

Speech: Common (telepathic)

Powers" 60ft darkvision, learning, cure moderate wounds 3/day (2D8 + 3.)

Skills: Diplomacy 10 ranks, Spell Craft 10 ranks.

Goal: Defeat undead.

Ego: 11.


Robin. Born into a middle class family, he lived a rather normal life. He was born into a small out skirt town from one of the major cities as well with his older sister (Naaraa) and much younger brother (Bajour.)He lived a normal life too, being accepted by both Elves and Humans he made good friends with both as well as many other beings from other races. He was considered popular by his peers. His looks were loved by the ladies, his shoulder length red hair, pale skin and bright green eyes. By the men for his ability to do archery so well and for how he is able to fight quite well with his bare hands, not only that; he was the life of the party. Robin never let all this get to his head though. He remained a quiet and distant individual. At 32 years of age he left his home to go to the city. Wanting to find work and a life there. For several years he worked at a Tavern, serving drinks and such in the hopes of saving enough money to buy a nice new bow. The next 21 years of his life were rather uneventful except for one thing; on an errand one day for Mack, the tavern owner, he was told to fetch a sword for somebody. He was told to never let anybody see the sword, not even by himself. He was told that he needed to get it to somebody of importance, a noble, his name was not told. Robin set out to collect the sword and to him, this was nothing but just a simple quest. It was night time when he had only just set up camp, this was a long journey and he knew it. He was only in it for the money. It was midnight when a glow from the sword woke him up. Voices and shadows moved outside. Robin, knowing that a with a fight being this close would mean that his bow would be useless and so he instinctually reached for the sword and with that his mind was overcome to a female voice, a soft yet stern one “Vampires are near. Kill them or be killed.” He felt a cold rush enter his body as Robin knew what was meant to be done. He lunged forwards, through the tarp of the tent, impaling the Vampire through the chest; the Vampire fell limp before exploding in ash as it was dead. Robin’s quick reflexes kicked in as he dodged an attack from behind, turning around to swipe at the 2nd Vampire, narrowly missing it. The Vampire did the same; turning around to lay an attack on him and this time it was a success. The Vampire pushed Robin to the ground and bared its fangs “The sword now halfie! Or it’ll be your life! Hehehe!” He voice brought a cold chill to Robin’s spin but not as cold as the one that filled him that instant. Against his will, Robin’s arm lifted up with the sword in hand and came crashing down onto the Vampires skull, stunning it. The chill left Robin as he now had control of his arm again, and he wasn’t about to let that Vampire get another hit on him. With a swift blow he brought the blade down onto the Vampire again, beheading it. Robin surveyed the area, looking for more threats only to be frightened by the same female voice “Thank you.” “H-how are you?” Robin responded. “Me? Well I am Whisper, your brand new sword hehe.” The female voice said, with a cute playful tone. “Wait! A talking sword?!” Robin jumped back, leaving the sword to fall to the ground. “Hmm yeah. A talking sword that is now on very cold ground.” Robin slowly walked over to Whisper and picked her up, holding her in his hands. “You and I have a future together, Robin.” After a lengthy conversation between the two, Whisper told Robin that he must head back to the city. That Whisper must not be given to anybody else. Robin returned to the city, only to be greeted by Mack, who now wanted him dead as Mack was a part of an organisation who wanted to use Whisper for their own means. I fight ensued in which Robin lost, having to flee with his life. Mack, having many contacts, many of them in the guard had them brand Robin as a traitor to the King. Wanted signs sprung up everywhere, dead or alive with a large reward it said. Robin, with Whisper’s help managed to hide and etch out a living in the much poorer parts of the city. Robin, truly seeing the corruption in the city took it upon himself to correct it. He thought that if enough people took notice of his acts, it’ll be realised that the accusations against him were false. Where the guards would let crime slide, Robin would take action. Where evil was, so was Robin to stop it. He would steal from the rich and give to the poor. A type of Robin Hood. Although the lower class citizens knew that he was no traitor, the guards and the King still firmly believed so. His acts were noticed by many more though, a thieves guild. Gothrem, the Gnome leader came to Robin with a deal. “If you join us, help us. We’ll help you. We will give you family, a home, safety. Join us; we need somebody of your talents.” Both Whisper and Robin agreed with him and from then on he lived within the guild, a small set of underground catacombs beneath the city in which the only way in is via an entrance in a tavern also owned by the guild. Robin is now 83 years of age and is still wrongly accused but he still continues to be a vigilante. Steal from the rich and give to the poor.

Robin Fable

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