Tal Sein

A young man who has seen much.


Tal was a half elf with only the slightest of pointed ears. After being killed for the fourth time he was reincarnated as a gnome. He has messy blonde hair that just comes down to his bright vibrant green eyes, he used to wear a sky blue robe, but now wears a black and crimson one. Becoming a gnome has seemed to bring out his elvsih features and now he looks like a elven child because of his height. Though his eyes and face show a matue and serious young man.

Tal is often accompanies by his familiar Barrachus who resides within his robes or shoulder and Clayton the clay golem who plods along either beside or infront of his creator.


Tal is twenty five years of age. His father was a elven ranger named Vron Sein. Tal left his home from his human mother and brothers to learn and explore. He learned the arcane art from a human hedge wizard who called himself “Gosson’Tar The One Who Seeks”. Tal learned much from Gosson’Tar and moved ouot further into the land, thinking that the only way to learn more was to find adventure. Tal once was full of happiness but after seeing a countless number of good friends die at the hands of Magnus has since become cold with no time for fools. Tal has died many time and this has taken a heavy toll on Tal’s physical health.

Tal has not specialised in any parrticular field pf magic as he believes that it limits effectivness.

If him and his companions defeat Magnus Tal has decided to retire. He will no longer adventure and move to a quiet place. Buy the land and move in. Marry and have children and in all hopes die peacefully with the knowledge that he has made a difference for the better good.

Tal Sein

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