Introducing Ruth.

Rahka, Leya and Vule stared at the blue haired gnome across the fire. They were still in the crypt hallways, it was very cramped but the trio still kept their distance. Ruth was about three feet high with pale freckled skin. Her hair was blue and stuck out in all angles as if it has not been brushed ever. Her pink dyed cat purred in her lap as she stroke it. She wore brown roughspun breeches, soft shoes and a green dyed tunic.
Vule stayed silent as he studied the gnome. Rashka was rather angry that she would interrupt his sleep. Leya did all of the talking.
“Who are you?” asked Leya, she brushed a lock of blonde hair past and behind her pointed ear. Ruth seemed eager to answer, “Ruth Timble is my name and this is my cat John he is my familiar and I can do magic and..” Leya jumped in, it was obvious that Ruth could speak without pause. “Okay, can you please slow down, Rash here isnt that bright” she gestured to the orc to her right. Vule smirked. Leya continued “What do you want?.”

Ruth’s eyes brightened “Rashka… such a nice name…” she stared at Rashka, and he shifted under her gaze. “I want to join your group, I can be oh so helpful. Me and John get so lonely.” John only opened an eye at his name, the green one.

Vule ran his tattooed hand through his brown hair, his purple eyes deep in thought. “You said you can do magic”, his voice was smoothe as silk, the words glided to the ears of the others. “Yes, yes I can, I am not a wizard. I am a sorcerer, but I am very good. I promise.” Ruth spoke not to Vule, who asked the question, but to all of them. Vules gaze never shifted.

Rashka spoke up, his voice was tired and irritated. “I have no problem with you coming with us. But dont sit on my chest again.” Ruth only smiled, “I cant promise anything Rashka”.
“Then its agreed”, said Leya. “Welcome to the party.”
Ruth clapped her hands excitedly “Yay, we are going to hae so much fun together!” As they all settled down to sleep, John curled up under Ruth’s arm. Rashka curled up, to make sure nothing can climb on top of his chest. Vule fell asleep standing, as he always does and Leya fell asleep content with herself.

Still dont have a name for this.

After they had disposed of the ghouls thet continued down into the crypt, Leya pointed out that it would be dark soon. Rashka was unnerved at how she could know that this deep underground. The corridor widened into more of a room space, they could have kept on going but they decided to camp instead.

Leya put out her bedroll and laid down, her elvish figure was sharp against Rashka’s torch. Rashka used the torches flame to begin a small fire, it lit up the whole place for twenty feet around. Vule was already asleep. “I dont know how he does that” commented Leya. Vule sleeps standing. Wrapped up in her blankets and after a small dinner of nuts and fruits Leya quickly fell asleep. Rashka was the last to, he was cleaning his pride and joy before he slumped to the ground. His axe, grey metal and very jagged and mean looking.

All was quiet, the fire began to die. Rashka awoke to see a figure on his massive chest, sitting crosslegged. “Who are you?” he whispered. The little figure was well hidden, magic crossed his mind. She spoke in a small jittery voice, full of energy “Ruth”.

“Leya…” whispered Rashka, he didnt like magic and even though he would be able to crush this small person very easily, she still frightened him ever so slightly.
“I wouldnt do that” snapped Ruth, “I will get my kitty on you.” She moved and shoved a feline into his face. It was large compared to her, but no bigger than a housecat. It had one green eye and one blue, it was very fluffy an it fur stuck out in all angles. One thing struck Rash though, its fur had been dyed pink.

“Uhhh” was all that Rashka could muster.

Dont have a name for this part 2.

Rashka shifted uneasily, his axe started to become heavy in his hands. Leya placed her dagger into her belt, she crouched behind the massive figure that was Rashka, the torch flickerd and died, she flung the useless thing away and unslung her crossbow. Rashka’s darkvision kicked in, the corridor was made of smooth stone, only broken up by old, faded runes. Rashka could barly stand. The corridor was about five and a half feet by his estimates. The monk remained back, quiet and reseved, though he was in a fighting stance.

A howl echoed down the hall, all of their muscles tensed at the sound. Then the pallid creatures showed themselves. Tall as a human with thin gangly arms, they wore no clothing, rotted meat hung on their yellowed fangs. “I hate ghouls so much…” muttered Rashka. “Then lets rid them from the world!” Leya called out, she pulled the trigger of her crossbow and with a mighty twang the quarrel buried itself into the neck of the lead ghoul, it slumped to the ground. The rest screamed in a blood curdling howl and threw themselves at he heroes. One lept the ten or so feet between them and landed right infront of Rashka. He swung his axe and the thing ducked under the blow, it launched itself at his belly and tore at the chainmail protecting his soft belly. Another was crawling along the roof. The monk saw it and gave it a rude gesture with his middle finger, in a blind rage is leapt at him. Leya was caught surprise by a ghoul that had crawled inbetween Rashka’s legs. It smelled of death.

Rashka dropped his axe and ripped the ghoul away from him, it screeched and clawed at his face. Rashka then, with a mighty swing slammed it against the wall, gore splattered across his face and arms. It still wriggled and it raked across his wrists, spilling blood onto the floor. With a primal roar he slammed it one more time, this time it did not move afterwards.

The monk caught the ghoul that leaped at him with his left hand. He swung his right, quick as a viper into its throat and then into its temple. It didnt stand a chance and he left it to die. He spilled no blood.

The ghoul attacking Leya snarled and grasped her right ankle, it buried its teeth into her leather boot. She only screamed and brought her free leg repeatedly down onto its skull. It only cackled manically and continued to chew. Rashka picked up his axe and brought it down onto the unsuspecting ghoul, tearing it in half.

The corridor was quiet again. “I hate ghouls” muttere Rashka, again. “I think I know what you are talking about Rash…” panted a breathless Leya.

Then the monk spoke, cool and calm. “I dont know what you two are talking about. That was a cake walk.”
“Shut up Vule!” cried Rashka and Leya, their voices in unison.

Dont have a name for this.

The torch flickerd, its flame started to die. The group of adventurers delved deeper into the crypt. “I dont like the smell” said Rashka, his voice was rough and broken. He stood seven feet and three inches and had to hunch over, he carried a large axe. “Shut up orc” snapped the rogue, she was ahead of the party, she carried the torch, a crossbow was slung across her back and in her right hand she carried a dagger. The darkness closed in, hiding most of her features.

The figure in the rear remained silent, his feet making no sound where ever he walked, his head was shaved and he was pale skinned, her wore no armor and carried no weapons, his right fist was tattood in deep red and blue patterns. His purple eyes pierced the darkness.

“Stop” the rogue said, warning the others of a trap. “I have found a pressure plate, I think it leads somewhere.” Rashka stepped forward and without a word slammed his heel down on to the plate. It was only made of stone about one inch thick, it stood no chance. The pieces dissapeared into the darkness, clattering against the foot wide hole sides. The rogue stood up and looked up at the Rashka. “Good going you oaf!”. Rashka scowled “Nothin, happened Leya, and dont yell at me eva”. Then the tattooed figure spoke up “Stop arguing, dont you hear that?”. His voice was smooth but commanding.

All was quiet. But a faint whisper echoed from beyond the darkness. “Prepare!” screamed Rashka, he drew his axe, Leya rolled behind Rashka, the monk remained as calm as ever.


I went to the ‘ally way’ where I was faced if with the familiar faces of my fellow Red Barons and most of my cell. I sat down opposite to the other three Barons and they told me that they had discovered the location of nemesis Charlie. The barons told me that my cell had been chosen to carry out the assassination of charlie. After the Barons had explained the task at hand and told me the relevant information, I began to choose who would carry out this mission with me. While I was discussing the mission that had been assigned to us to the members of my cell, a portal began opening beneath the table in the center of the room. Within moments daemonic tentacles were flying out of the portal and pulling in my brothers and sisters. Not long after the tentacles had came out of the portal, daemons began swarming out of the portal and assisted in the slaughter of the Scarlet BrotherHood members that were still living. During the battle Casanova was tragically killed while holding off the daemonic creatures that were in the room and Nos died holding them back for the rest of us to escape the chaos. Once the battle had cleared Sable was mourning over the loss of her two brothers and I decided to spend the rest of my money to bring Nos back. Once Nos and sable had been reunited I gave them some time mourn the loss of their brother and i promised that I will bring him back to the land of the living. Although lightened Nos and Sable’s mood, there was still only one thing on the surviviors minds, revenge.

Everybody Hurts.

The players entered Lust War’s base. after many hard fights (And a very hard one involving a ooze) the players came to Lust War’s main chamber. After a climactic battle that left many near death, Lust was released. It tore through them but when things seemed bleak Willimros finished Lust with a heavy sweep of his blade. The players made for Sapphire after sacking the place. At Sapphire the Scarlet BrotherHood called a meeting that involved the planning for killing Charlie. It was interupted by a demonic portal that slaughtered over 50% of Sapphire’s cell. Among those who died were Nos and Casanova. But Phoenix, with a ressurection scroll brought Noz back. Willimros and Silver Step also started the induction ceremony for the Golden Dragon Clan.

Yeah, Campbell Newman
I knew he could do it.

Can Do Campbell Newman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A New Beginning.

The players moved through the abondoned dwarven hold. Intent on reclaiming it for the Gold Dragon Clan. After a Marut attack that was after Rommulus they completed the dungeon in relative ease. They claimed the hold. it does not have a name yet. Back to Sapphire where the players sold and bought various things of use. Rommulus and Willimros confronted Valkar on his heritage. He was very defensive. Phoenix talked to the Red Barons along the “Red Line.” More investigation into Valkars past, which involved getting him drunk. After a week or so in Sapphire the players moved off to kill Lust War.

Change is coming

Phoenix approached her Red Baron in the “alley way” as she requested. Phoenix could see that she was heavily wounded and was not wearing her mask. She knew that if she wanted to be Baron that now was the time. Phoenix drew her bow and launched six arrows almost simultaneously at her. she didn’t even have time to react to inferno of arrows that was about to hit her. Phoenix walked up to the corpse and took the mask that she had desired since the moment she laid eyes on it. Phoenix put the mask on and felt its overwhelming power, she turned and walked away leaving rose in the alley way. As she left she said “change is coming” and disappeared into the shadows.

A Long Trek.

The final heart. The players moved into the great desert to attain it. They found its lair half buried in the sand. They entered the lonesome place and explored, after some conflict they came across a “paladin” who was actually a doppleganger working with the blue dragon. More conflict. At last they came to the final room. A titanic battle ensued, mant times the brave frontline characters were brought to near death!! And when things seemed bleak Clayton fell from the ceiling, seemingly out of nowhere and landed on the beasts back. This distracted it long enough to allow Phoenix to deliver the final killing blow. They then scavanged its body. Scales, wings, bones horns and organs could not escape their desire. At Sapphire Rommulus questioned Valkar about his family, he avoided it all. After the players settled down, after Phoenix killed Rose and inducted Scarlet (Now Crystal) into the Scarlet BrotherHood, they began to prepare for their next adventure.But that night the mighty Wilamros had a nightmare, it was death/pride, this was to much for the palidan, in result made the almighty wilamros wet the bed. As they woke up they headed forwards on their next mission to claim an old Dwarven Fort for the now extinct Gold Dragon Clan!


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