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A Hello.

What up Nigga G. How do you like it Sword Ninja? Check out the wiki/characters. To ask Questions just do the Adventure Log.

A Letter From A Enemy.

I hate you all so much. My fingers are gone! I will tear out your throats and feed them to my dragon!!!
I am after you, all of you.

Not so sincerely, Charlie.


I need more ideas for the wiki, just comment about what you would like to see in it. Or if you would like more detail in a existing post. K thx.


What do you want Brad?


LOL with the fear Mitch!!

So close.

Only one more dragon heart. I am sorry to say, but the only blue dragon close enough is old. Very old. I will send Clayton with you. I sincerely hope you all come back. I will be waiting here is the SpinSpire.

Tals speech when you return to Saphire.

Riot and Digital Fear, MAKE CHARACTERS PLOX!
Begginings and near endings
black dragon

The party met up with charlie again after a young adventurer joined us. Charlie teleported away after stating that he would be the end of the both the Blue Dragon Clan and the Scarlet Brotherhood. We then headed towards the swamp and were warned by dryads to not desecrate their grove. We arrived in the swamps and after some sneaking around the swamp we found a sleeping cleric who continued with us from then on. We met Blackhorn, an old hag who was also the black dragon we were looking for. The fight was rather easy until three dire apes jumped out of nowhere and ripped lim in two. they then jumped at scarlet and knocked her unconscious. After some healing by Silverstep, long range harassment by Phoenix and heroics from Wilamros we managed to defeat the apes and the black dragon. We returned the heart to tal and he told us that a church had been taken over by and evil cleric and a large, powerful eight headed hydra. More tactical fighting from the rogues and heroics from Wilamros, Leonard and Silverstep defeated them. After some looting and something invisible, we found some shock lizards which we now possess over 20 of them we ran into a very powerful spell caster. The spell caster performed high level spells and the party was worn down but when a black hole appeared in phoenix’s chest it became a race against time. After a good hit from Wilamros and the mighty arrows of Phoenix the spell caster was no more. On a side note people added enchantments to their weapons between missions and Phoenix can now fire accurately at ridiculous range and Wilamros’s blade has become a purger of all evil.

Report to the Brotherhood

To Rose:
Several weeks ago you assigned me to monitor a group of adventures, who had caught our attention. During my time in the group i have discovered that hunt for a man known as magnus. Also i have learned that many have died for this cause and that the original group of adventures were supposedly from the future, though i will need to gain more knowledge to confirm this to you. The help of Arachnid has proven to make my task far easier to approach. Also the Rogue Scarlet has proven to be of use and i strongly believe that she should be considered to join our brotherhood. The group is currently traveling to find and kill dragons, in the belief that they can return to the future. I have also managed to be present in a meeting held by our enemy ‘charlie’. He believes that he will win the shadow war between our brotherhood and his assets and will wipe our brotherhood from the continent. How he is so sure of the out come i cannot answer but i believe that he may be in liege with Magnus, the man who the group is tracking. Charlie also mention that he would have destroyed the Blue Dragon clan within a year. If what he speaks of is the truth than i fear for our Brotherhood and the power that he has supporting him. I will try to find out more about this Magnus figure that some how manages to stay invisible to us.
Your sincerely: Phoenix


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