Tag: Human


  • Sable.

    Sable loves what she does in the Trio, the killer, the fighter. Should someone need to die she is the one for the job.m She uses whatever she needs at the time in relation to weapons.

  • Exon.

    Exon learned to fight or die at MidWay. After adventuring with the party he quickly gained scars. His newest ones are on his back, from his girlfriend which turned out to be a werewolf..... He finds dry humour in everything and generally respects all …

  • Xaod

    Xaod barely retains his paladinhood because he is always drunk. He has the title "The Slayer" because he always goes after the biggest beasts that he can go after. He always defeats them. Xaod is a wanderer and not much is know about him other than his …