The Dragon Clans

All of the Dragon Clans are long gone, although five hundred years ago some were still around…..

Gold Dragon: The Gold Dragon Clan, before they were destroyed, kept the peace between clans, all of their members were of good alignment and thay had many paladins among their number. They were destroyed by civil war, Wyrm Thasskernax was found dead and many were accused. A small number of people have started to rebuild the clan against all odds and lost because they arent very good. Their is no current great Wyrm but the leader of the clan who began the reconstruction is fdhbzdrhbzdh.

Silver Dragon: These proud clansmen are now endangered, less than a thousand remain, the reason is because they felt that they had to help everyone, they stretched themselves too thin. Like the Gold Clan they are all good and have a high number of paladins. Their current Wyrm is Noxsomekla.

Copper Dragon: The Copper Dragon Clans are architects, few in number but in high regard with the Blue Dragon Clan. They find with employ with almost everyone.

Bronze: The Bronze Clan are shipwrights and merchants, they have a high membership rate and are needed throughout the ancient realm. They keep everything running. Their current Wyrm is Thalnoorixtarjerka.

The Chromatic Clans are not evil, they are like all other organisations with some evil members, some good and some neutral.

Red: The Red Dragon Clan act as law keepers. They travel the lands collecting bounties for the Blue Clan. All races and classes can be a part of this clan. The current Wyrm is Guurtrasfex

Blue: The largest and most powerful of the remaining clans, The Blue Dragon Clan are the government of the land. The are generally Lawful, they are fair but hard rulers. Many grumble about taxes but the Blue Clan bought peace, law and safety to most. Current Wyrm is Juntzmerf

White: The White Dragon Clan are extinct. When they were alive they worked as rangers, mostly in hostile environs.

Black: A quiet and lowly clan The Black Dragon Clan are doctors, witch women and others like this. They are alchemists and have a remedy for everything. They are popular amongst the common people. Their Wyrm is named Sheefkomtez

Green: The Green Dragon Clan are still around, but in small numbers. They live in forests and dont do much, leaderless they wont last long.

The Dragon Clans

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