A very powerful dwarf.


Charlie is four and a half feet tall. He wears purple finery and a burgandy cloak. He has gold chains around his neck and large rings on his fingers. He is albino with long hair in traditional dwarven braids.


Charlie the albino dwarf is a very powerful dwarf who has access to massive resources. He controls several successful trading companies including.
The Tall Fellow Inn- A well know inn located in the city of Saphire, destroyed after a explosion.
Swords ‘n’ Axes- A weapon and armor company, used to supply the Blue Dragon Clan with weapons and armor.
WyneWineries- Famous for fine wines, on par with elvish vintages.

Charlie was heavily difugered after a explosion at The Tall Fellow inn, he is missing several fingers on his right hand, the right side of his face is heavily scarred.

Charlie used to like the players, he though of them as useful tools but after his disfugurement he hold a vendetta.


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