The Namless Monk


Height: 6’6" Weight: 182LBS Race: Human AGE: 42 Gender: Male Alignment: Lawful – Good.

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 20
Charisma: 15

HP: 87
AC: 22
Initiative: +10
Base Attack: +9/4

Fortitude: 15
Reflex: 10
Will: 14


I was born in to an extremely poor family, blind from birth; my parents saw no use for me and abandoned me in an old storm drain, a meal for the giant rats. An old monk watched in horror as he saw what the parents have done to the poor boy, leaving a blind infant as food for rats, he took it upon himself to save me. After my parents left the site of what they thought to be my final resting place, the old monk came along and saved me from a doomed fate. He brought me to a monastery, an old church were a clan monks would train. He sat me down on an alter and gave me a name, a new existence he called it; he said that I have no history now, a new beginning and to resemble that, he covered my entire body in bandages, to hide my old self. From then on he trained me; he taught me skills and abilities, ways to use my body as a weapon. He trained me, in spite of me being blind I began to learn, the skills I gained, the abilities I had being given rivalled that of any man who could see. Years had passed but I was still not as good as my saviour said I could be, he said that giving up my sight allowed me to become more powerful in other places, he suggested that I give up my voice: A vow of silence. Never able to speak again he said he then proceeded to train me so I would never speak; he would tighten the bandages around my mouth to not even allow a whimper. He would beat me, nonstop, if I let out a sound, he would beat me harder and for longer. He trained me not to use my voice, not even for pain, not even when I needed it most. I had spent many years inside the walls of the church and the surround area until my 27th year of life. A large Ork war band passed though the area on a march to a Human city, they passed through the church, burning the place to the ground and hunting down the monks that lived there, they even found me. The Orks did not kill the monks straight away though, them alive. They left me to hear the screams of my fellow friends, my family, they left me there because I was blind, they saw no threat in me and so the beat me, tied me up and made me listen the screams. They all cried for help and I was useless to help them and for the next few minutes all I could hear was the crackling of fire and the slowly dying out of screams. I sat there for a few days, still tied up to a pole, my body was nearly dead due to lack of food and water but the gods, they saw a use for me. A strong wind blew across the landscape, ash flew through the air and a single ember buried itself in the ropes, it sat there, the wind giving life to it and with a final gust it set alight, the ropes begun to burn, I could feel the heat and I struggled to move away and with a yank the ropes snapped and I fell to the ground. Although I could not see it, storm clouds gathered in the sky above me and with a crack of thunder it rained. Water pooled around me, I undid my bandages and took a drink from it and I got up onto my feet and proceeded to make my way out of the ruins. I etched out an existence in the cities, constantly being ridiculed for my lack of sight and speech, I ignored it all, no matter how much it hurt me inside. I spent a few years working for local priests until one day a holy man came to me and asked me if I would accompany into a haunted building; he said he needed someone to fight off demons if there were any. I walked with him into the building, an old fort it was. We spent maybe an hour inside, wondering, until we met a man, he was attached to a ceiling via tendrils; they seemed to feed off of him. I wish I had of seen it before, I wish I knew it was a trap. The holy man looked to me and said “He has been up there for quite awhile, wouldn’t you agree?” I nodded to him. “Well, you look young and mighty fit, when I first saw you I knew you would be the one to replace him. A young monk, fresh flesh!” He laughed evilly, the tendrils released the man and lunged at me and they took a hold of me and pulled me up into place. The tendrils dug into my flesh and that was the last thing I could remember of this realm. A demon of immense had me in his grips on another place, he fed off of fear, torment, pain, anger but most of all, that feeling you get when all hope disappears. For the next 5 years, I was tormented, constantly re-living that moment when the monks burned but this time, I could see it all, not just that but I was untied, they called out for my assistance, for me to save them but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get to them. I lived out another moment of my life, my birth. I could see it as it all happened, my father yelling to my mother “Push! Push! PUSH!” I could myself being born, I felt joy in fact, wondering if the demon actually wanted me to have a good memory but then I quickly dismissed those thoughts as I saw the looks on my father’s and mother’s face as they saw me and how I was blind. Upon my father’s face, he showed rage and anger at me, not wanting me, not wanting a child like this, he yelled out in anger making my infant self cry. My mother, her mouth showed a frown, disgust in me, a hate for me. I saw her calling me simple, that I wasn’t worthy for life. I then watched them after a few days take myself to the storm drain to leave me there, them putting me on the ground as large rats peered out of there holes to get a view of me. For 5 years I lived those two experiences, nonstop, but I never lost my mind, I made sure of that. After about 5 years I noticed that the presence of the demon had left me, the dreams stopped, I suddenly felt a pain along the side of my body, as if I fell. I tried to open up my eyes but all I could see was blackness, I knew I was back in the material plane. I pulled myself up, I could feel the presence of others around me and I felt somebody grab my shoulder “It is alright, you are safe.” The voice spoke in a soft female tone. I then heard another voice, this one was young and filled with strength “We slayed the “holy” man and the demon! HAHA!” A much older one appeared then, this voice was filled with wisdom “My boy, we have saved you. Do you require any assistance?” I looked in the general direction of the last voice and shook my head. The first voice spoke again “Why aren’t you talking? Cat got your tongue?” That was then followed by the old man’s voice “No Ally, he is a monk….vow of silence I believe.” I nodded at that remark. The young strong voice spoke “Ahhh! A monk! It is nice to meet somebody who doesn’t believe in weapons, no matter how stupid that sounds, it is still nice to meet you!” The old man spoke once more “Disregard his comment, he can be quite ignorant. We shall travel with you to the closest city aye? That way we will know that you are safe.” I nodded and then followed them outside; the cold air blew across my body. “C’mon mister” The young females voice said. I turned to that voice and followed the sound of their footsteps till I reached the city of Liberation.

The Namless Monk

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